Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alvin Ailey at the Dance Center

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This weekend I was lucky enough to see the Alvin Ailey company twice! Yay for free tickets. They were incredible, strong dancers, beautiful choreography. It was a 50th anniversary, retrospective type of program. Interesting to see the progression through the years, although I would be really interested to see some of the new work that the company is doing. On Saturday I managed to take my camera with and try out the new tripod, with some low light conditions. I had some altercations with security guards that were quite frustrating. Apparently the rule is that you can take photos, but not with a tripod, which made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. But I learned that its impossible to argue with these guys who are just doing their jobs. Quite frustrating, but I managed to get a few good images before I was told to put the tripod away. The full set is on my flickr page.

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